The Community Beat

The Community Beat

Becoming a successful musician’s easy. You just stand in front of a crowd, play like your life depends on it and make sure everyone has a great time. And if you do this well, you become a huge success, right?

Not quite. First you’ve to choose what to play, practice hard, think about branding, work your social media, pick a venue, organise ticket sales, find security, order merchandise, make sure you’ve backup equipment and on the day, don’t skimp on your soundchecks.

I think you get the picture. For a musician or small band, juggling all these tasks is difficult. Doing it well – that’s nigh impossible. If only there was another way… Thankfully for Stonehaven, there is! The Community Beat – Stonehaven’s musician “hive mind”.

The Community Beat consists of Stonehaven (and close by) musicians and bands who act as a community to help each other. They share their thoughts, knowledge and through the power of teamwork, help ensure all tasks that musicians and bands have to juggle get done well. And when this all happens and the balance meets, the results are outstanding.

Speaking to Dougie and Dave, The Community Beat works because they’ve a passion to succeed and solid goals. Their mission – strengthen the Stonehaven music scene and showcase it.

With members including Logan Morrison, The Shackles, The New Routines, Toward Light, Ben Keddie, Gogz & Paz and Ewan on soundboards & engineering they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The Community Beat run ‘Stoney Invasion’ nights (brilliant name) on the first Saturday of every month in Aberdeen venues including the Illicit Still, Malones and 6 degrees North, where they showcase Stonehaven’s music scene.

The Community Beat also hold ‘Made of Stone’ nights at Stonehaven venues a few times a year to raise money for good causes. The events always sell out and at the April 2019 event, £1000 was raised for Findlay’s Fund.

The next ‘Made of Stone’ event is in aid of Super Sam’s Fund and The Brain Tumour Charity.

For those of you who may not know, little Sam Dorrance, a Dunnottar Primary pupil, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour in 2015 and sadly passed away in 2016, weeks before his sixth birthday. If you love live music (as Sam did) then please buy tickets for ‘The Made of Stone’ event which is being held at The Station Hotel, Stonehaven on 5th July 2019.

Tickets are available to buy at the Station Hotel bar and you can also find out more about The Community Beat and donate money to to The Brain Tumour Charity via The Community Beat’s Facebook page.

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